The Ackairon is a collective name for the aarakocra tribes of the valley Moredhel. They had been living in this valley since the God Era when after the Demon Spawn War ended, they were no longer needed by the Covenant.

Over the next two eras, the Lith-Crillion Era and they God Era, Moredhel's aarakocra tended to favor their avian side over their humanoid one. This meant that a pair would take a large territory and try to keep it as animals would. This behavior, or what some might call cultural regression, kept their population low.

In the First Epoch, they were forced to band together. They took a unified front against the refugees created by the Great Minotaur Revolt (785 - 796). Having gained their freedom from the First Khazarkar Empire, the minotaurs sought unclaimed lands east, they figured that central Moredhel was for the taking being that it had no settlements. This humanoid incursion was nothing new. The Ackairon were already dealing with Gatiranda encroachment from the south. The minotaur crisis would end up with more mouths to feed, so the Ackairon decided it was to be for their mouths, so they encouraged, forcibly when necessary, the minotaurs to continue west.

In 1696, forces led by the Ba'lith Emperor Raxcvillibus conquered them in what some call the Ackairon Subjugation. Up until this time, they had resisted all that came against them. There was never a real concerted effort to push them out, since most feared Moredhel's closeness to the Broken Lands. Raxcvillibus took this area because he wanted them as soldiers. At first, they resisted, but when their fledglings were taken from them, sent to military schools, they joined the empire as reluctant citizens. The young aarakocras were taken to Ba'lith military crèches where after a decade of military schooling they became soldiers. For many, this life as a soldier is all they know. After nine years of military service, they are free to go back to Moredhel. Most stay with Ba'lith's air force, where they serve as fast scouts or in the light flying infantry.