Ownerindependent city-state
Stone Giant5%
Founded14 Brightstar 980

Bazandaggûl was founded by dwarven colonists from Daklode. They arrived to this area in 980 and began mining the peaks flanking Nym-Zoedine. They built a fortified keep on the northern tip of this unnatural glacier.

In the Second Epoch, conflict with the Orchish Empire necessitated alliances with the area's stone giants and goliath. The alliance and later co-habitation took many years to forge, but proved to be so strong that the dwarves adopted a federalist government in 1511. The remote location and natural defensive barriers around Bazandaggûl has kept even the might of the Orchish Empire from overrunning this medium-sized city-state.

The empire could easily crush Bazandaggûl. Why we do not is a question for the High Command. Many believe the dwarves are of more value alive to the orcs than dead; due in part to their superb metal workers, stonemasons, and engineers. Many of Bazandaggûl's armaments are sold to the Fograth, and the city's dwarven and stone giant engineers commonly serve as consultants for constructing fortifications, bridges, and other stonework across our mighty empire. Bracknourn, probably the greatest bridge of Grashakh, is sited at the heart of Benâth. It has seen countless dead and lakes of blood spilled across its great expanse, yet never has it fallen to siege engines or magic. This impressive structure is testament of the masterly skills of Bazandaggûl's engineers.

- Ishgongrath, half-orc Threat Strategist of the Fograth - "Target: Bazandaggûl"

Bazandaggûl sits atop extensive silver mines. Many of the older and expended mines are frequently invaded by creatures of the Underdark, so keeps and fortifications rings the city's Underdark passages and chambers.

The most problematic foes of the Bazandaggûls are the Umahanbad, Tholamid's frost giant raiders and a few other petty giant holds in and around Nym-Zoedine. In times of peace, the city's merchants sell their wares to the Orchish Empire, Garormuk, and even to agents acting in behalf of Umahanbad.

The largest divine temples of Bazandaggûl are dedicated to Ares, Naraz-Nâru, and Geb. The city's goliath tend to pay homage to Ares, the dwarves to Naraz-Nâru, and the stone giants to Geb.

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