RegionLands of Purity
Built7 Brightstar 1556

This holy fortress is sited at the juncture of the Khilag-Tarkin and the Marrow Fields. Malacost built this formidable bastion to cover this strategic corridor into the Lands of Purity.

Gadyan has polished white and azure blue walls. Four grand towers face east towards Khilag-Tarkin. The massive towers are 200' tall and 150' in diameter. The grand structures are intricately carved with images of phoenixes and holy symbols. In the fortress are many ornate statues, each erected in tribute to the valor and sacrifice of important personages who fought against the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. Every door in the castle in inscribed with an uplifting poem of an event, be it battle, act of charity, or other goodness displayed in the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551). The most notable feature of Gadyan is the Phoenixes of Mercy. This monolithic statue was erected in honor of the phoenixes that flew over the last battle of the Athenian Crusade.

Gadyan is jointly garrisoned by troops from Malacost and the Divine Empire.

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