Warp Whirl

RegionAerie of Dragons

Warp Whirls are entropic anomalies, lingering effects left upon the landscape with the passing of the Chaos Malestrom.

Warp Whirls are known to appear along the western coasts of Enkii Jusk. Appearing just like waterspouts, anything struck by these anomalies will find themselves randomly teleported. The distance travelled is random, with it usually from 1,000 to 5,000 miles away. It will be a place of water, but not necessarily one as favorable as the one left. One encounter with this led to a ship marooned in the Underdark, with only one survivor escaping the dark waters of Sehkrith to tell the tale. Another incident happened in 1722, with the pirate fleet Blackjammer's Marauders hit by a Warp Whirl that "danced through the fleet". Happening just north of Lors Bounty, it sent Blackjammer's Marauders to the northern coasts of Brucrumus where instead of sailing home, they founded the settlement Blackjammer.

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