Penal Battalion 321

CategoryCrack Units
MottoStrike Hard, Strike Fast
Symbolhammer and broken chain

Penal Battalion 321 is a military unit of the Orchish Empire. This battalion-sized unit is part of the Fograth. It is comprised of prisoners and led by prisoners. It became a unit of renown when a small group turned the unit's mob tactics into something more disciplined. These leaders distinguished themselves from the others of the battalion by wearing cloaks emblazoned with a red eye - the other soldiers of the unit came to calling them the "Crimson Eyes".

Penal Battalion 321 under command of the Crimson Eyes earned their first banner in the Hungrur Campaign. This was a small conflict to stop the Bloodbeard raids along the Imgald Road. Later after winning acclaim at the battles around Fort Hellstorm, the units leaders were given their freedom, going on to become the the adventuring group / company Crimson Eye Inc.

This unit has remained a crack force since the departure of the Crimson Eyes. They get the same gear as regular troops and are trained before sent into the field. Because of their renown, there have been cases of military personal intentionally breaking military laws, in hope of being assigned to the 321st.

Penal Battalion 321 is a unit of prisoners led by prisoners. We had the highest death rate, and one the highest kill rates of the battles of Hungrur and surrounding areas. We fought the Bloodbeards and then wore their stained beards as medallions.

- Grimrock, excerpt from "Prisoner to Admiral"

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