Measure & Fortify

Businessconstruction, engineering
RegionGreat Expanse
Symbolruler and mason's trowel
Established20 Hollow 1611

Measure & Fortify is a construction company operating in the Great Expanse. It was formed by maugs during a time when their was a shortage of conflicts across the realm. A dozen or so of them busied themselves by building fortifications for the rilmani, warforged and the halflings peoples of the region. After two centuries they had learned a great deal from their efforts and from training under the master dwarven builders of the Clans. The company has grown large in size and has a formidable security force which represents 20% of its staff.

Measure & Fortify built Chain Jack, Bark Slice, Barb Turret and many other fortifications strung across the Great Expanse. When Monty the Mad came to power in the Orchish Empire, he sought to contract with the company at five times their usual rates. The company's board of directors were convinced by the Lords of Stablitiy to not take the contract. Monty was to send back a threatening message:

Lackeys of the rilmani, when the Fograth are on your doorsteps, and the Kangrath are raining hell upon your fortifications, then perhaps you will see who you should be answering too.

- Monty the Mad, from the missive to Measure & Fortify

The dwarven employees of the company all come from the Clans region. Some have given up clan and country for steady work and high pay, while others work in the company for a couple of years and then return home laden with coin and much more experienced craftsmen.