Zharr Rikkaz Fire Hammer

Period1701 - 1704
TheaterMa'Ohari, Void
Deep Six
VS Goth-Dyvermoir

In 1697, Deep Six voidships began coming under attack by Void Lurkers of the Trelshum Syndicate. By 1701, these attacks had cut Deep Six foreign trade revenues by 80%. In the same year, Deep Six declared war on them and any backing them, thereby staring the Zharr Rikkaz ("Fire Hammer") war.

The Deep Six, unable to close with the Trelshum stealth craft, decided to take the war to the source. The Dumakthar decided that punitive actions must be taken against the wallets of these raiders. Deep Six attacked the sponsors of this company, the fire giant empire Goth-Dyvermoir. In the engagements that followed, a dozen Deep Six voidships were lost over Goth-Dyvermoir strongholds and cities. The fiery denizens of this empire, having no skyships of their own, brought down the enemy's flying ships by expelling volatile gas into the atmosphere, and then igniting it as Deep Six vessels passing through them. Many Deep Six soldiers perished in these infernos, including the decorated Khazaglindîm. This transport ship was carrying 3,000 combat troops when it was set aflame, and then crashing into Orias Vual.

It is a hellish, fiery landscape down there, we need to welcome them as brothers and not minions, I say we give the Furnal-Khâl their independence - for only they can withstand the fiery destruction these fiery lizards, Furrouth, and other fiery brutes decide to throw against us.

- Counciler Mak-Cloud, of Deep Six - "Zharr Rikkaz Strategies"

The Deep Six contacted the Furnalkod government in exile and settled their age old differences. As part of this peace, Furnalkod sent fifteen thousand of their best troops to the Deep Six for training with their forces. This Furnal-Khâl force with their innate fire resistance, proved invaluable in the successive battles of the war.

In 1704, Goth-Dyvermoir sued for peace and paid reparations in the amount of 5,000,000 gold pieces.

Since the Zharr Rikkaz war, the people of Deep Six and those of Furnalkod have put their old differences aside and returned to healthy and friendly relations.