The Ossicles


The Ossicles was built during the reign of the First Dead Council. It is constructed from the bones of the dead - soldiers and civilians killed in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). These were broken bones and skulls that could no longer be used for creating skeletal undead. These useless bones were carted to Ugidreth and other ports under Black Tide control, then shipped back to Gathrot and then overland again to Phanêthil. In this place they then used in the building of Katrana's palace, The Ossicles.

In 1711, the Last Saints of Gûn attacked Katrana in her palace. They slipped into the The Ossicles using magic, starting an assassination plan five years in the making. She was killed by weapons dripping a liquid called the Sweat of Danzar-Khâl. This holy water made it so that she was unable to find her phylactery for 99 years. During this time, her unholy essence drifted about trying to find her phylactery and brooding with rage. Though able to still able to communicate with her undead and other minions, her commands were often ignored when their wasn't someone around to enforce them.

This three hundred foot long, two hundred foot high bone structure is anchored by massive stone towers and ringed by fortress walls. As Phanêthil's primary palace, it is warded with magic against various methods of magical intrusion.

Notable Areas
  • Decay's Beauty - secret passage
  • Hall of Skulls - floor made of skulls, like cobblestones