Death Ball Cube of Negativity

LocationDeaths Kindle, other moons
AliasCube of Negativity

At the heart of some moons is a ball of negative energy working much like a Cube of Arcane. Since negative energy is often compared with death, some call them Death Balls. Belras Foroderch, authority on the various energy types and more technical, call them Cubes of Negativity. Regardless of name, these devices are the source of negative energy that powers necromantic spells and in the making of undead.

In the same way that a world without a Cube of Arcane has no magic, a world without a Cube of Negativity has no necromancy and undead don't exist.

- Biludab, of Belras Foroderch - "Cubes of Energy"

The Death Ball on the moon Deaths Kindle was found 1713 by Lenassu Dras'ee; it would be thirty years before news of the discovery escaped Ink Hold.

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