Typemetal - alloy
Armor Bonus+5 natural enhancement

This metal is a special alloy of blutium. Many Lith-Crillion relics, doors, chandeliers, weapons, armor, are made of High Alloy Blutium. When the Lith-Crillion disappeared from Midrêth, the formula for manufacturing this alloy was lost. Dafrlami's eldritch giants spent a lot of time and money searching for it, yet came up with nothing. Thousands of years later, in 1825, divers from Biomechallum recovered the secrets of making High Alloy Blutium from the sunken area of Felth.

High Alloy Blutium is impervious to lightning and corrosion. It is a dark blue color and slightly magnetic. Armor made of High Alloy Blutium provides a +5 natural enhancement bonus, so that a suit of Godforge High Alloy Blutium Battle Plate would provide a +19 armor bonus.

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