Minotaur Trade Federation MTF

Typetrade syndicate (Ba'lith)
Symbolanchor made of horns
Established14 Brighstar 1703

The Minotaur Trade Federation, or MTF, was established under Emperor Raxcvillibus. The MTF is a trade syndicate, modeled on the Paradomea Consortium. Before the establishment of this administrative body, Ba'lith trade companies frequently warred with each other to what seemed like the perpetual detriment of the empire's treasury. They warred to keep the populace under control. The MTF was formed to transition from a war-time footing to one that builds up their treasury in peacetime.

MTF's charter includes fines, sanctions, and assassinations if necessary, with the goal of promoting healthy competition among its members and monopolistic practices against foreign trade.

Although Rax is credited with this organization, the idea was formulated by his advisor Galathrel.

Classified as a public trade organization, those in foreign capitals would label the MTF a quasi-government body. One acting in the interests of free trade and public companies as long as they are serving the interests of the state.

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