TypeRepublic (peace), Military Dictatorship (war)
LeaderRaxcvillibus Dumu-loc
Formed17 Artifice 1695

On 17 Artifice 1695, Ba'lith's theocracy government led by priests of Coeus, was replaced by the Klomtroller.

The Klomtroller is the government of the Ba'lith. Senators sit in council deciding the affairs of the country. These senators are appointed from the cities, the number based on the size of the respective city. Supplementing these senators are military advisers, the generals, and trade officials from the Minotaur Trade Federation. The important decisions of the senate are passed up for review and ultimate approval by Emperor Raxcvillibus.

Ba'lith has a government along the lines of a republic during times of peace, while in war it becomes a military dictatorship. Raxcvillibus takes the title of Overlord General, and his generals become his War Councilors. Cessation of war ends only by the terms of the military, then after peace ensues, the republic comes back to power.

Minotaurs are a warrior race, warmongers much like the Githirmil of the Orchish Empire, they both prefer a war-state over a government for peace.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Species"


Division of Predatory Relationsclandestine
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