Golden Elite

TypeAdventuring Group
Himril Girderhead
Sledge Smithereen
Zarrek Lukko
Established4 Bloom 1532
Disbanded21 Temporal 1553

The Golden Elite is one of the most unusual band of heroes the realm has seen. During the Black Tide's reign over the Lands of Purity, a region savaged by undead hordes, a group of aged veterans were organized by seemingly divine backing. They were aged and infirm but were chosen for their principles of good to once again take up arms against the oppressive evil in the realm. During one of their early adventures, they went to Viressur to break a powerful spell infecting the Sylvan Kingdoms. In the Year 1533, they used the Ankh of Phalgas to cleanse the vast area and restore much of it to its former beauty. They used the same artifact to restore their vitality, changing them from old men and women to young adults.

The Golden Elite then liberated Elamir and assembled a large army from Viressur and Elamir, whereupon they assaulted Fell Post and Gûn. Katrana's forces were defeated, and the Elder Orb of Embers was found in the dwarven holdings within Gûn.

In 1534, the Golden Elite went to the Crillion Comet. The dwarf companion Sledge Smithereen was lost on this derelict vessel when he touched a sphere of annihilation. In this mysterious object, floating through space like a comet, they found a Rift Spanner. They used it to quickly cross the vast distance of the Void between Bal-Kriav and Merioss. Aboard the giff platform Atlas Glory, they fired the Elder Orb into Merioss where it was destroyed.

In 1535, Golden Elite and their army captures Atturgad (c.f. Siege of Atturgad).

In 1539, the heroes of Golden Elite join forces with the armies of good assembling at Iglutt.

A army of good has filled every tavern, home, and alley of Iglutt, beyond the ancient dragon gates, the valley floor and into the mountains, a sea of tents, with elves, gnomes, halflings, dwarves, Tragarans, and others, probably nervous, but eager to take back the lands from the undead hordes of the Black Tide.

- Himril, from his historical text of the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), "Merioss Rises Over Iglutt"

The Holy Quinary then takes to the field against the Black Tide of Thasmudyan in a great war called the Athenian Crusade. When this war ended, the Golden Elite turned to nation building and proved instrumental in establishing the country of Malacost.

In the Year 1553, the Golden Elite turns again to adventuring. While trying to decipher the Four Prophecies of the Pyramids, they ended up in Bail-Fogins Deep. Zarrek Lukko was the only party member to return from this expedition.

When making camp, or posting your commanders, be ever vigilant in guarding all modes of access; this includes the ethereal realm. Many brave leaders, and the more vulnerable, but no less important, mages and priests, have fallen to the clutches of ethereal marauders, some random, others laying in ambush by the enemy, waiting till your commanders are at rest.

- Sledge Smithereen, "Maxim of War"