Zhuts Cutthroats Zhuts Explorers

TypeAdventuring Group
AliasZhuts Explorers
Memberssee below
Established4 War March 1833

Fragments of the adventurers of Zhuts Cutthroats. Whenever needing more loot, or seeking adventure, these mercenary pirates join with other groups or hire on as crews of pirate ships.


Zhut was the former captain of the Sea Sprite. He met his end at Gull Dung. Gull Dung was sacked on the 3rd day of War March, Year 1833. Zhut perished in the ensuing battle with the sahuagin and merrow raiders. The surviving crew of Sea Sprite battled their way out of the town and fled across the interior of the Isle of Crabs. That night, the remaining members pondered what they would do, with the half-orc Pig Nuts saying:

Zhut is dead, but wherever we go, we should remember that we served a great captain and shall always be a Zhut Cutthroat.

- Pig Nuts, short-lived member of Zhuts Cutthroats

This name stuck, so the pirates of Zhut came to be called Zhuts Cutthroats. Many would come and go in this adventuring group, but they all learned the skills of navigation through those lucky enough to remain around after an adventure.

After the disaster at Gull Dung, the party made their way to the fishing town of Rippleback. On their way across the isle, friends were lost and new friends were made.

Bit, male Tragarankilled in action
Jack Boots, male Tragaranturned out to be a member of the High Boots
Mullock, female Deep Bred elfmurdered by Jack Boots
Pig Nuts, male half-orckilled by a fellow pirate
Snaketongue, male goblinfled from battle
Visiluth, female Kriavian Elfjoined the group
Zerth-Kuoan, male half-Tragaran/koalinthkilled in action
Belcon Sea Caves

In the following two years, Zhuts Cutthroats sailed with many crews, and fought many battles both on land and sea. In their journeys, the spoils of successful adventures led to the capture of the Belcon Sea Caves. It is the primary headquarters of the Zhuts Cutthroats.

Bound for Torvild

Jail-Glib is a family friend of Visiluth's father, Isen. Captain of the Sea Strider, Jail-Glib offered prize money and high adventure to Zhuts Cutthroats. They joined with this legendary Elderaunt captain, bound for Torvild.

On the journey to Torvild, the crew of Sea Strider encountered minions of Dax Jagg. To save the life of Masskist, they carried out a mission for this foul priest of Thasmudyan. Near the island of Torvild, they dropped a coffin into the waters, only evil knows what was inside.

At the Manes Chimneys east of Screw, information and supplies were gathered from the port master. Then using a map offered by Dax as a "thanks" for carrying the coffin to its new home near Torvild, Zhuts Cutthroats explored the Ruins of the Topi. Therein, they fought the evil midgets of these ruins, the crafty creatures had snipers, leapers, and a powerful black unicorn mount. Among the plunder was the Bone Rake.

Friend or FoeInformation
Jacinth, First Mate of Sea Striderkilled by an eye of the deep
Visiluthdied by the poison spines of an undead surtaki
Tidales, sea unicornrescued from a primitive group of topi witch-doctors
Spudzickkilled by a Crone of Chaos "part of the cargo for Torvild"
Into the Sink

Zhuts Cutthroats leave Torvild for a safe port along the coasts of the Aerie of Dragons. At Tyk-Culten, they hire a priest to resurrect Visiluth. While in this city, Arius and Masskist are nearly killed by rakshasa posing as crew members of the Sea Strider. While out in the push, they kill a group of saber-tooth and flying cats. The party is pursued by the Tulukhan police on charges of murdering "protected and sacred species", namely felines. Not seeking to stand trial, they flee the city.

Sailing west towards the giant lands of Oathundor, the Sea Strider is caught in a Warp Whirl. The ship is teleported more than a thousand miles away to lake Zyk. In the lands of Flux, they encounter chaotic abominations, plunder the wreck of the Luckless Spirt and find an item that promises to help them reach home. They also pick up a Shou named Zhu-Chien.

Guided by the sentient weapon Artery Rip, the Sea Strider enters the mouth of the Sink of Chaos. Beyond this rift, they follow a river of Limbo. Along their river journey they encountered slaadi and other creatures native to the strange world around them. Many crew members were lost on this voyage. The Sea Strider's crew, facing certain defeat by a pair of slaadi galleons, turned to divine aid. The priest Kez prayed to Temptestant. She answered, creating a mighty storm that capsized one enemy vessel, and drove off the other. A day later, the ship approached doom again, but Artery Rip assured them that the waterfall they approached was the way home. After going over, the Sea Strider found itself back on the world Bal-Kriav. West of the ice island Galathrellach, they sailed south to the Brucrumus mainland. They went upriver to Rumak where they waited for the appearance of a Ring of Hettar. After entering this rift, they luckily found themselves in waters familiar, the Buccaneer Archipelago. They left behind the churning waters of Oruš Mata, heading north in the direction of Zhuts Lair.

Friend or FoeInformation
Zhu-Chienjoins the party, found around Zyk
Raspkilled by a blue slaad
Babbling Olviegreen slaad, joins the group, later is killed by the group
Bleederreincarnated as 1/2 orc, later dies in combat
Keleridecarried off by a demoniac creature, assumed dead
Master Blasterdies from chlorine gas
Tidalesdies from chlorine gas
Visiluthkilled by the grey slaad lord Ca-Na-Sa, of the Throbbing Troublesome

Zhuts Lair

Nine months after departing the Buccaneer Archipelago, Zhuts Cutthroats returned to their primary lair. They find the place occupied by Snaketongue's Gang. Snaketongue, a former pirate under Zhut, was leading this band. In the ensuing blood-bathe, Snaketongue and his bandits are easily defeated and Zhuts Lair liberated.

Snaketongue is convinced to switch sides and join up with the party. In return for sparing his life, he tells the party the leader of Snaketongue's Gang is not him, but an intellect devourer named Brainus. Brainus is reputed to be the head of a vast crime syndicate with Gelbradis serving as one of his henchmen.

In 1834, while at Zhuts Lair, agents of the Tyrian Leaque come to them and pay them for the Hullback seeds stolen from Rest. The senior Tyrian agent offer the party crude maps and passage to the legendary isle of Arcana.

Zhuts Cutthroats changes their name to Zhuts Explorers. While at Zhuts Lair, Ash Bloodmauler dies from a red slaad's egg-implant that he received while in Limbo.

Friend or FoeInformation
Snaketonguejoins the party
Ash Bloodmaulerdies after a red slaad burrows out of his body
Megshrakshadow demon, minion of Dax Jagg, joins the group under Arius
Arcana Expedition

In 1834, following six months of recuperation at Zhuts Lair, the group renamed themselves Zhuts Explorers. They sailed for Rest and then to the mythical isle Arcana.

At Arcana they meet drow from a group called the Terelerrin, which happens to be a cell of Ryldorvir. In the ruins of Felth they discover a Time Fracture. They use this to this travel back in time to the Lith-Crillion Era. The most interesting thing they learned while back in time was details of the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm. When they left Arcana and returned home this information was passed to a Tyrian agent, who then passed it on to his contact in Paradomea City. A month later, Zhuts Explorers was invited to the Paradomea Debates and speak of their findings.

They also explored the ancient war complex of Aggda. In this area, there stay was cut short do to the active military guard - golems in the hundreds.

Liope Expedition

On 18 Witchrite 1834, the group scouted the Kossuth Bellows. Therein they discovered a very large Zone of Great Magic and a similarly sized Dead Magic Zone. Both of these areas were under the protection of Kossuth zealots and none to eager to let outsiders near them.

A week later, the group landed on Karnegmoth's northern coasts. In the Tinnanguth ruin Liope, they plundered long lost tomes of siege crab construction.

Near the end of Witchrite, the group entered Utarn where they battled a horde of undead led by a crawling head named Nemelfous.

Friend or FoeInformation
Pelhurnjoins the party

On 20 Lunar 1835, as a reward for their information on the Time Fracture and traveling back in time and learning about the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm, the group is awarded the Medallion of Historical Achievement. This was given to them by the Grand Scholar of Paradomea Institute.