Boglin ... consummate trickster
RegionTroll Bogs
Class20th druid / 5th ranger
TitleArcane Hierophant
Alignmentchaotic neutral
DeityThe Balance
Born19 Brightstar 1339

Boglin, or Boglin the Sprite, is a powerful druid. In 1641, she became the Nature Protectorate of the Troll Bogs. She has a twin brother named Troglin. He is wickedly evil and often fights for control of the Troll Bogs. Boglin has spared him on several occasions, hoping that he may someday be redeemed.

As a Nature Protectorate for a vast area, Boglin takes her role lightly, often letting nature balance things out. She is talkative, often annoyingly so, and prone to play tricks on those she meets. Some of her pranks haven take years to play out.