Founded11 Lunar 1543

Avalê was a small keep owned by House Urkuzîr. It was built to protect their mining interests around this keep and storing the silver from other mines in the Armânuks. Avalê is built behind a quarry. This quarry held a rare rich red and white striated marble. While mining this marble for the rich folk of Sakarumân, the Urkuzîr's discovered an even more profitable find; rich veins of silver.

During the early part of the Cinazan Front, Avalê was taken over by the Khazarkar military (the Batthurâk). The military used the place as a hospital for the sick and wounded fighting in the battles for Armânuk.

These mines were worked right up to the point where the place was taken over by the military. They turned the place into a hospital for the soldiers fighting in the hills of Armânuk. I lost two of my cousins in that fighting and seen such horrors and death that I have trouble sleeping at night.

- Kavdas, excerpt from his autobiography - "Turning the Tide"

On 4 Witchrite 1832, the garrison was caught unprepared when they came under attack by the Pillar of Horns. This enormous voidship raked the keep with cannonballs for an hour. When they were done firing, Avalê was reduced to a smoking ruin. The ship's captain went down to the ruin with his minotaur marines, finishing off the wounded.

Four days later after this raid, a Harvester arrived over the ruin. This Black Tide ship began pulling bodies up into its hold, turning them into undead. This only went on for a little while, because Trauma Squad arrived looking for a relic and engaged the undead ground party. A little while into the fight, the Pillar of Horns came to the area. They were following the Harvester. In the ensuing battle, the Harvester was destroyed by the Pillar. In the ground combat, Sekbire, of the Second Dead Council, was killed by Trauma Squad.

Avalê has a road leading out of the keep that travels two miles to the southwest and links up with the Phayan.

Notable Areas
  • Phayan