Battle of Fort Hellstorm

BelligerentsOrchish Empire
raiders sponsored by Deep Six

In 1822, Fort Hellstorm fell to a raiding force sponsored by the Deep Six pirates. They attacked the place with four Rhinohead void destroyers and the battleship Void Hammer. After shelling Fort Hellstorm for several hours, they sent in their land parties. They were lucky on this day, for the real master of this remote fortress, Drog'paagol had decided to hold his hand, letting the Orchish Empire garrison go it alone. The raiders slaughtered the garrison, looted the fortress and then descended into Nir-Madyin. They met an unholy army of undead and a fearsome display of magic. Fifty crack dwarven soldiers were killed in a span of five minutes. The dwarven soldiers rose to fight against their mortal brothers as undead minions of Drog'paagol and his other dastardly henchmen. The dwarves fled back to the upper levels of the castle and planted demolitions which leveled an entire tower over the entrance to Drog'paagol's domain. Not long after, the raiders decided to abandon the area on news of a Fograth army marching to re-take the keep.

On hearing of the lack of help from Drog'paagol, Monty the Mad came to the ruins of Fort Hellstorm. In his flying citadel, Avalkhirân, this Arch-Dragern of the Armies had Drog'paagol evicted from Nir-Madyin. Drog'paagol considered destroying this impetuous fool, saying to his imp familiar:

How dare he order about a Dragon Headmaster, a title greater and older than anything that he or his master will ever hold.

- Drog'paagol, to his imp - "Impetuous Fool"

Drog'paagol realized that he may defeat many, but never the might of the entire Orchish Empire, and probably not the power of Emperor Blac'Drugulois. Drog'paagol moved out of Fort Hellstorm with an army of undead. He travelled west into the Tribe Steppes to an unknown location.

Fort Hellstorm has since been rebuilt, this time much bigger and stronger, and is once again a formidable bastion of the Orchish Empire.

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