Battle of Fort Hellstorm

BelligerentsOrchish Empire
raiders sponsored by Deep Six

In 1822, Fort Hellstorm was attacked by a voidship raiding force in the employ of Deep Six. Four void destroyers, Rhinoheads and a Void Hammer class battleship shelled the keep for six hours. Fortune was on the side of the landing parties. On this day, the real master of this remote fortress, a Dragon Headmaster named Drog'paagol, had decided to hold his hand, letting the Orchish Empire garrison, the one he reluctantly worked for, go it alone.

After decimating the garrison, the fortress was looted. When they descended into Nir-Madyin, a secret underground government funded facility, they met an army of undead. Fifty crack soldiers were killed in a span of five minutes, each rising to fight against former allies as an undead. The attackers fled back to the upper levels of the castle, planting and setting off demolitions along the way.

On hearing of the lack of help from Drog'paagol, Monty the Mad went to the smoking ruin. In his flying citadel, Avalkhirân, he informed Drog'paagol that his services were no longer needed, that he was evicted from Nir-Madyin.

How dare he order about a Dragon Headmaster, a title greater and older than anything that he or his master will ever hold.

- Drog'paagol, to his imp - "Impetuous Fool"

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