War of the Fragments

Period1500 - 1512
TheaterElrohir Mithrandír

The War of the Fragments was waged over six large entropy fragments. A number of groups simultaneously learned of the location of these remnants of the Womb of Entropy. Known to be powerful, and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands, both Altocumuli and Ancalimë sent forces to recover them. They met in the forests of Thangolos. This area was designated neutral lands, and that any could hunt here, but none could claim it. Conflict broke out as the many search parties were sent into the forest looking for an ancient shrine. After learning of its location, the battles got more pitched as each tried to lay claim to a hidden research center. After the war, they would learn that the primordial Asoun was the one who had dispelled the magic that had kept this place hidden, and forgotten, since the Lith-Crillion Era. It was his agents that spread the rumor that entropy fragments were hidden in Thangolos.

The revival of worship to Krak-Oth occurred during the quest to find these entropy fragments. In the deeper reaches of Thangolos, Altocumuli armies battled those of Ancalimë. In the first two years of war, the larger elven armies gained the upper hand. It is said that the people of Altocumuli had lost faith in their gods, and they were being punished. Meanwhile, those that prayed to a before unknown god named Krak-Oth, seemed to fare better in their battles. General Yrsuthroa, a convert to Krak-Oth, and a mighty priestess, began spreading the word of Krak-Oth to others. For the rest of the war, a powerful campaign of disinformation happened with many taking to worshiping Krak-Oth.

In 1504, Asoun's research center Zyvie Setie was captured by Altocumuli forces. Following the instruction of a mechanical creature of Asoun's creation, a machine spider with a living brain, the giants used the six entropy fragments to begin work on an Entropy Arch.

In 1505, spent from war, all sides declared a temporary truce.

In 1507, a military alliance was forged between Zeluk and Altocumuli. The Altocumuli bolstered their forces with a new crop of troops. Some of these were chaos trained soldiers - having all the characteristics of frenzied barbarians, along with aberrations, and chaos abominations from the far reaches of Chaos. A few hundred slaadi were also in the battle lines. The slaadi and chaos aberrations arrived by way of the recently made Entropy Arch

Cúthalion, seeing their elven brothers in peril, agreed to an alliance. Cúthalion attacked Zeluk's eastern flank at Houphoz. This resulted in the retreat of the Zeluk from the battle front of the Ancalimë, and their return to their territory to face the Cúthalion. Five more years of war followed with the loss of tens of thousands. In 1512, with no side gaining much of an upper hand, a peace was signed by all parties.

Altocumuli's entropy arch did not play a huge role in the war. This was because to get minions from Chaos, you have to recruit them. This is not an easy task with Chaos being so vast. Those that do come through don't have to follow the opener, they are free-willed. In the end, the open rift proved to be too dangerous to keep open, so it was sealed in one of Zyvie Setie's vaults. Today, this place is guarded by members of the Portal Sentinels.