Khimrathil is a valley in the southwestern tracts of Izagunbar. When the Tinnanguth empire fell in the Dao Insurrection, several hundred Sussgurd refugees re-settled in this area.

In 1799, the southern part of Khimrathil was blanketed with giant boulders and tons of rock from what became known as the Great Ridgebone Quake. This earthquake crumbled a series of mountains and ridges, causing them to collapse into a great trench. The quake caused so much rubble to fall into the valley that the southern end became impassable. Over the next decade, Belgunth employed an army of Sussgurd slaves and skeletal minions to clear a path, build spans across parts of the trench, all in the direction of a recently exposed Pyramid of Power. This mystical pyramid, the Ivory Pyramid is at the southern end of Khimrathil.

Khimrathil and the Pyramid are claimed as territory of the city-state SakullĂȘth.

Notable Areas