Earthquake of Ogremoch

Beshrii and an earth elemental
RegionHells Womb
PeriodYear 1505

In 1495, Beshrii, former disciple of Nevicanad, captured a monastery called the Eastern Shar. She enslaved the resident monks and utilized the ancient manuscripts in the place to greatly enhance her elemental magicks. Growing ambitious, she began attacking caravans of the Council of Bile and charging tolls for anyone passing through the narrow defiles leading to the mines south of the monastery.

Several months later, the Council of Bile sends a punitive expedition against her. This force is driven off by earthquakes and powerful earth elementals. Near the end of the year, the Council of Bile organizes an even larger force, comprised of griffons, dragons, and powerful mages and priests; they began the siege of the Eastern Shar. Some of the troops of the Council of Bile employed Earth Render bows against the defending elementals. Unable to drive off the attackers with earth elementals and magic, Beshrii summons the Prince of Evil Elementals, Ogremoch.

In the Siege of the Eastern Shar, Beshrii lost control of Ogremoch. The elemental prince turned on her, and a long battle ensued within the halls of Eastern Shar. The conjurer was slain by the conjured. Ogremoch, enraged at being summoned, invokes a powerful earthquake on the massive pinnacle beneath Eastern Shar . The Eastern Shar, protected by ancient draconic magicks, deflected the earthquake against the surrounding hills and mountains, levelling forests and toppling mountain peaks, changing the flows of streams and rivers and slaying many of the besieging army. The reverberations of this Earthquake of Ogremoch are felt as far as Paradomea City, which experiences unusually low tides for several days, resulting in many vessels becoming mired in mud.

With the binding of Beshrii broken, Ogremoch grabbed the summoning book of Beshrii, the Earth Binder, and returns from whence he came.