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Khazarkar Empire VS Ithengee

In the Year 1507, the Khazarkar Empire sent their Rûnê navy against the Ithengee. The Khazarkar Empire was intent on expanding their domain to the western side of the Core Sea. With an amassed fleet of 40 ships, Rûnê set to attacking the lands of the Ithengee. They planned on enslaving the population of Ithengee and then establish a strong foothold on the borders of the Jara. In addition to territorial expansion, a major principle of Khazarkar doctrines, this position would allow the armies of the Khazarkar to threaten the jara into stopping their ceaseless attacks on the domain of the Khazarkar Empire.

The goal was a brilliant idea, but one that would not come to fruition. On approaching Séregon, the fleet heard the tranquillizing melodies of the Maenglórfan. This song put the sailors and assault troops into a deep magical sleep. Many ships crashed into the treacherous shoals and rocks protecting the shores of the Ithengee. The others were captured by the elves and then ransomed back to the Khazarkar Empire. The evil ones spent much of their remaining lives in prisons, only being released years later by the Forgiveness Act.