Sleepers Battle

Theatre of Operations
TheaterCore Sea
Khazarkar Empire VS Ithengee

In the Year 1507, the Khazarkar Empire sent their Rûnê navy against the Ithengee. The aggressors were intent on expanding their reach to the western coasts of the Core Sea. With an amassed fleet of 40 ships, Rûnê set to attacking the lands of the Ithengee. The Khazarkars goal, a religious one, was expanding the reach of the Church of Set.

On approaching Séregon, the fleet fell under melodies of Maenglórfan. The song of the marvel put the sailors and assault troops into a deep magical sleep. A dozen ships crashed into the treacherous shoals and obstruction protecting Séregon's harbor. The others, along with the survivors ended up being ransomed back to the Khazarkar Empire.