Chain Jack

RegionHigh Wood Country
OwnerCentral Stability
Built28 Bliss 1714

Chain Jack is one of a string of immense fortresses that face the rapid growing Tendrils of Taurquion. These bastions are heavily fortified, built with iron-clad timbers, a lot of metal, and concrete walls fortified with reinforcing steel. These metal monstrosities loom over the landscape, and look like something of Mechanus rather this world. Chain Jack and the others are equipped with an array of machine-driven defenses and bristling with cannons. All of these fortresses fall under control of the various Lords of Stability or the Central Stability.

Chain Jack was built in 1714 by the maug construction company Measure & Fortify. It was built to keep the Tendrils of Taurquion from making any more headway towards the Great Expanse. The rilmani and the warforged of the Great Expanse have waged several wars with the elves to their south because of the rapid and unnatural advancement of the Tendrils.

Chain Jack's defenses include massive barbed chains built on spindles. When all of them are spinning, the place produces a humming that can be heard ten miles distant. There is no way to fly through this and reach the battlements without being torn apart. Through careful practice and calibration, most of the time, the defenders of Chain Jack can fire their weapons safely through the spinning chains. Atttackers on the other hand will more often not have their missile fire strike or be struck by a spinning chain. Periodically, parties of maugs are sent out from Chain Jack to clear the vegetation. The behemoth forester maugs are huge in size and built to cut down trees and clear the brush beneath them. These worker maugs are accompanied by an array of ground troops including iron golems and halfling outriders. This latter group are halfling mercenaries that come from one of five mercenary companies that do a steady business with the various rilmani factions of the Great Expanse.