mind flayers and the brain-stock
??1544 HE - present
Incarsabec145 HE - 1544 HE
Penumbra1945 LE - 145 HE
Alignmentlawful evil
EnemiesFargimdal, Giff League, Har'kish, Roongutil
Established11 Dreamer 1945 LE

In 1945 LE, at the heart of the great city Penumbra, an illithid empire was born. It was established during a great starvation for Ráglauth's mind flayer city-states. There were eight of them, and when they exhausted the lands around them, they fell on each other, first raiding then warring for each other's sentients. This conflict, the Flayer Wars (1943 LE - 1968 LE) would bring ruin to all but one. The Suellk came out on top. Founded in Penumbra's Synapses Square, a place where the brains of primordials still occasionally spark in their glass containers, the name Suellk was taken in honor of the Kye'suellk, an order of psychic warriors serving as Ilsensine's personal guard.

In 135 HE, Suellk began the invasion of Ghífthauk. On this world were the embattled races of the Githyanki and Githzerai. Scattered, ruling from city-states, and constantly warring with each other, they were deeply vulnerable to an invasion. Suellk's reason for invasion was poor planning on their home world. Having nearly run out of slaves to build and maintain their sprawling empire, they headed for their moon's mother world Ghífthauk. The invasion was massive, nearly one hundred voidships, collectively called the Revered Minds. This conflict between the people of Ghífthauk and the Suellk invaders became known as the First Suellk Invasion (135 HE - 150 HE). Lasting fifteen years, it culminated in the subjugation of Ghífthauk's githyanki and githzerai peoples. Supporting this large-scale invasion, from a moon to its parent, was only made possible with elder brain prisons, the Silver Mirrors.

In 430 HE, urged on by the Psyche Intake department, the Suellk started the Second Suellk Invasion (430 HE - 537 HE). They made war on the world Osâchar, battling mainly the Durkoth and their slave armies. In 537 HE, many Durkoth fled their home world by way of the Helas Vessels. The remaining population on Osâchar became the brain-stock and slaves of their new masters.

Late in the Horgon Era, Suellk was wracked with civil war as their githyanki and githzerai slaves rose up against them. When the Incarsabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE) ended, the githyanki and githzerai had severely damaged the Suellk Empire. Ghífthauk became a world plagued by psychic storms and virulent mind-eating viruses. The populations on this world and those on the Suellk home world Ráglauth, were eventually wiped out by the psychic viruses and storms hungering for the mental energy of sentients. During this disaster, Suellk's center of influence shifted to Osâchar; former home world of the Horgon Empire.

A great enmity still exists between the githyanki, the githzerai, and the illithids. Two examples of these are the githyanki empire Har'kish and the githzerai empire Roongutil, both eternal enemies of the Suellk.

In 1822, Suellk and the Arachnidion joined forces under the Drachdekai Pact. In 1824 the Fifth Suellk Invasion began with Suellk and Arachnidion planetary invasion fleets attacking remote holdings across Brucrumus.