?? - present
Incarsabec?? - 1544 HE
Penumbra1945 LE - ??
Alignmentlawful evil
EnemiesFargimdal, Furnalkod, Giff League, Har'kish, Roongutil
Established11 Dreamer 1945 LE

Suellk is an illithids empire founded in the middle of the Lith-Crillion Era. In 1945 LE, the Suellk empire was founded at Penumbra. It was established after they had squashed one of seven rival city-states engaged in a war of desperation. The illithids fought each other to stave off starvation, and did so at the expense of other illithid city-states. This conflict came to be called the Flayer Wars; a series of wars between the Ráglauth's illithid city-states.

In 135 HE, Suellk began the invasion of Ghífthauk. On this world were the embattled races of githyanki and githzerai. They were scattered, ruling from city-states, and constantly warring with each other. The Suellk, having nearly run out of slaves to build and maintain their sprawling empire, made a surprise attack on the peoples of Ghífthauk. The invasion was massive, having close to a hundred voidships, collectively called the Revered Minds. This conflict between the illithids, githyanki and githzerai became known as the First Suellk Invasion. It lasted fifteen years and resulted in the subjugation of nearly all the githyanki and githzerai of Ghífthauk. This large-scale invasion was only made possible from elder brain prisons called the Silver Mirrors.

In the Year 430 HE, the illithids started the Second Suellk Invasion. The illithids made war against the Durkoth on Osâchar. In 537 HE, many Durkoth fled their home world by way of the Helas Vessels. The remaining population on Osâchar were most likely killed or enslaved by the Suellk.

Late in the Horgon Era, Suellk was wracked with civil war as their githyanki and githzerai slaves rose up against them. When the civil war ended, the githyanki and githzerai had severely damaged the empire and caused their home world Ghífthauk to be a nightmare of psychic storms and virulent mind-eating viruses. The illithid population on Ghífthauk and on their home world Ráglauth were wiped out by the psychic viruses unleashed during the Incarsabec Rebellion. The Horgon lands of Osâchar became the new home of the Suellk.

The githyanki and githzerai still wage war whenever they encounter the Suellk. The two largest empires of these peoples that still battle them are the Har'kish and Roongutil

In 1822, Suellk joined forces with Arachnidion in the Drachdekai Pact. In 1824 the Fifth Suellk Invasion began with Suellk and Arachnidion planetary invasion fleets attacking remote holdings across Brucrumus.

Suellk is a very powerful and secretive empire. The goal of its government is to dominate areas of Quara'tun and find the whereabouts, if they still exist, of an ancient armada of voidships called the Revered Minds.