BuilderGhleshgath Airworks
OwnerBlack Tide of Thasmudyan

Under cover of darkness, Harvesters, grisly rib-cage shaped skyships would hover over the battlefields radiating a pale gray glow over the slain. The corpses would then rise up, and long sinews would drop from the vessel and pull the freshly created undead into the holds of these death ships.

- Acktan, Khazarkar scout - "Letters from the Cinazan Front"

The Harvester class of skyships first appeared in the Chaos War. In this conflict, these vessels would come by night, when only the wounded and dead were left for the vultures and scavengers. The skyships would use necromantic energy to raise the corpses as undead. Long sickly tentacles, previously hanging lifeless from the ship, would spring in to action, pulling the undead into the ship's hold.

The tentacles used on Harvesters are advancements of those used in the Gardens of Bone.

Hit Points500
AC8 (+2 natural, -4 size)
Size100' long
Engineenergy converter
Speed20 knots
Crewundead, usually ghouls and higher

The Harvester is a thin-skinned ship built like a merchant ship. Long sinewy tentacles extend from the belly of this type of vessel and they course with a sickly green necrotic energy. When me and my comrades of Trauma Squad raided Avalê, I saw two squads of ghast slide down the tentacles of a Harvester class ship named the Myrmidon. I'm not sure why they were not used to extract our quarry, Saint Sekbire, but they did not. Perhps these sinews only pick up corpses or undead.

Getting back to the Harvester's defenses, it doesn't have many and is lightly armored. I personally witnessed, at almost point-blank impact, the Myrmidon being blown out of the sky by the Pillar of Horns. Granted this was the Pillar of Horns, with few ships able to last long against her broadsides.

- Tangûk, excerpt from his book Ships of the Third Epoch - "Harvesters"

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