Typelarge drill

The first Earthspear was built by Geb. It was used to help separate a massive section of the central landmass of Angvild. The result was the creation of Krarkauk, a floating island. A large basin was left in the wake of this floating island, and came to be called the Talos Cleft. When the primordials were defeated in the Creation War, Geb's Earthspear was abandoned on Talos Cleft. It is an enormous device, roughly 250' long and 20' in diameter.

When the Gimrune came to inhabit Angvild, they marveled at the strange device, but could find no way to power it up. They moved it to Mechantus and studied it for centuries.

Today's Earthspears are modeled on the one Geb built. They are much smaller, roughly 45' long, and 10' in diameter. These devices are used for mining the Underdark. The cutting teeth for the Earthspears come from purple worms. They are hardened with magic, yet still have to be replaced periodically. The Earthspear works like a drill, with a spinning outer case that serves as the drill, with broken earth and rock funneled down an inner shaft. The entire device is segmented and very similar to the body of a purple worm. The driver of the an Earthspear lays down in a compartment near the drill head. There are view ports on the front and side of the device which are made of glassteel. The driving compartment has controls and levers to operate speed and pitch of the drill. An Earthspear has a burrowing speed of 6". It can move under water, but it does not float. Unlike Geb's Earthspear which was powered by a Sphere of Arcane, today's devices are normally steam-coal driven.

In 1503, Matak's commerce department hired a Underdark mining company to link the Great Tradeway with the Sidari-Nyx. The company they hired used a Earthspear to complete this work in under a year.