Mound of Bone Pounder

RegionTribe Steppes

The jara build large earthen mounds for their fallen khans. The Mound of Bone Pounder is 500' in diameter and 100' high at its peak. It is located in the tangled forest of Arinthil.

For almost a century, Bone Pounder and his jara horde terrorized the frontiers of the Orchish Empire and Khazarkar Empire. In 1115, he took his army deep into the Khazarkar Empire and was finally put down. In the First Ugradrath War, his remains were absconded from Mirkathân. They were taken to the Tribe Steppes, home of the jara, and interned in a burial mound.

In 1790, the adventuring group Crimson Eye, plundered this burial ground. Among other treasures, they recovered a corrupted item called Tarfilerquar.

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