Fifth Suellk Invasion

Period1824 - present
BelligerentsDrachdekai Pact

In 1824, a Suellk and Arachnidion planetary invasion fleet began attacking remote holdings across the world Bal-Kriav. Not long after these attacks, Deep Six spies learned how these old adversaries were making jumps between Asteraoth and Quara'tun. The Suellk were in control of the Hollow of Sargos; an enormous device containing a rift linking two distant areas of the Void.

As a result of the threat posed by the Drachdekai Pact, trade and building of voidships greatly increased between the Giff League, Deep Six and friendly nations on Bal-Kriav.

In 1826, at the Siege of Khaleddagun, the dwarven forces of Fargimdal were defeated. Khaleddagun was captured and renamed Brachypelma by its new neogi owners. Later in the same year, a group of slaves calling themselves Pickaxes & Loinclothes, escaped a nearby deep rock mine. The search for these slaves brought the Bru'khar garrison at Gamazûd into contact with neogi slavers serving the Drachdekai Pact. Hostilies between the two began immediately, with each seeking to dominate and enslave the other. This conflict between became known as the Gamazûd War.

In 1827, the Drachdekai Pact began attacking the city-states of Orachan. Pact member Ba'lith deployed its navy as a blockading force against succor coming down from Ivory Asylum. The city-state Isumbras was the first to fall, given up to slaughter and rapine, it ceased to exist as a home to halflings and elderaunts. Ba'lith took control of the city's multitude of tobacco fields and garrisoned the city with their soldiers.

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