RegionTribe Steppes
Founded4 Bloom 1602

Surkiln was built by the Orchish Empire. The ruins of this city are sited at the western end of Hellstorm Pass. The ruins are scattered over the foothills of the Giant Steps where they meet the Shadow Rift.

Before the Chaos War, Surkiln was the westernmost city of the Orchish Empire. An incredible amount of merchant trade used to pass from Ink-Shad, through Surkiln and into the markets of the Orchish Empire. The Ink-Shad and the Umahanbad sacked the place in the Year 1832. The ruins of the once massive lava stone walls of Surkiln lay partially on the ridge and down the slopes of the Shadow Rift. In the ruins of the city is the wrecked remains of the Rorgon, former flagship of Emperor Blac'drugulois. This former leader of the Orchish Empire also died in this ship and his death led to the creation of an area of deep darkness and psychic terrors. Some explorers of the bowels of the ship have been driven insane, while others have reported being mentally attacked by unknown forces. Since the Chaos War, the ruins have become a haven for death giants and other undead. For non-undead entering the ruins, some psychic trauma will be experienced. This has led to cases of weak-minded creatures committing suicide or turning on their friends.

The Storm Road passes north of the ruins and descends into the bowels of the rift towards Hazrith.

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