Drachdekai Pact

Period1822 - Current

Drachdekai is the elder brain of the ancient mind flayer empire Suellk. After a decade of intelligence gathering of Brucrumus, he determined that his empire lacked the manpower to plant their flag. Emissaries were sent to Cryphoeca to work out a military pact with Arachnidion and then to some of the disreputable empires of the world Bal-Kriav. The Arachnidion, struggling on a world over hunted by them, without hesitation signed up for conquest and a new source of food and slaves.

The Drachdekai Pact was formed in 1822. Initially, it comprised the empires Suellk and Arachnidion. Their goal is to establish a foothold on the continent of Brucrumus and feed upon the populace.

In 1824, the shaky allies of this pact used the Hollow of Sargos to began an invasion of Bal-Kriav. Through this spatial gate, emerged an armada of Suelk and Arachnidion voidships. These allies began a series of attacks on the world Bal-Kriav, starting the Fifth Suellk Invasion.

Later in the same year, the Drachdekai Pact was joined by Ba'lith. This empire of the world Bal-Kriav was enticed to join with promises of voidships and related technology. The most desired Suellk technology was one that allows you to link up multiple engines. The importance of this for skyships is obvious, if you lose an engine in battle or it quits functioning, then you have a backup. Ships without this have been known to fall out of the sky from a lucky shot, sending an entire ship plummeting to the earth.

Ba'lith's decision to join this pact was made by emperor Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. These were mostly personal, desiring renown on the world stage. Another reason for his interest in joining this triad were the targets. One of these was the city Isumbras. Raxcvillibus figured that if he could get this city, he could put pressure on Bueratum. The rulers of this city-state had long refused his Raxcvillibus's private companies from trading on the Mercantile Exchange. Bueratum had a good reason for this. According to the Exchange's laws, one cannot be lead an empire and be running companies - a conflict of interests when an empire's military can back interests of quasi-public companies.