Flux Pact

Eldritch Conclave
Period1828 - Present

The Flux Pact started with an alliance between Neeth-Theen and Icyke. At the time, Neeth-Theen was led by Ushgergoon. This figure in turn got his orders from the primordial lord Drachmon. They both yearned to spread chaos across the realm, perhaps even ushering in their own Creation War.

The merchant-led syndicate leading Icyke joined the pact because they wanted to pay the Khazarkar Empire back for past grievances. These included raiding on their settlements by Khazarkar sponsored pirates and harassing their ships in non-territorial waters.

As the Cinazan Front progressed, the Flux Pact grew in numbers. These came from others who had in the past had problems with the Khazarkar Empire, or just wanted to a share of the spoils of war.

Some may question whether chaos is an ideology or natural state of being. It is like animal instinct, its just there, and chaos is just there in all the monstrosities of the Horde of Chaos.

- Congorillë of Gilraen - "Nature of Chaos"

A large Cinderfall army under Field Marshall Sorenass, breaks out of their fiery homeland. They leave through a breach in the Elemantum Boundary Ward. This army crosses a frozen Nautrek. This frozen ocean formed a temporary land-bridge between Elemantum and Brucrumus.

The Cinderfall marched against the first civilization they encountered. They began a siege of the Neeth-Theen capital. The siege was called off when they were enticed to join the Flux Pact.

The freezing of Nautrek and the breach in the Elemantum Boundary Ward were caused by the passing of the Chaos Maelstrom. It is no mere coincidence that the Chaos Maelstrom just so happened to pass across this part of the realm, freezing a large swathe of an ocean, breaking a powerful magical ward, and all during the start of the Chaos War.

- unknown

In 1830, Cinderfall priests of Surtur in a masterwork of diplomacy, signed up two Hlimi Kingdoms. Normally enemies, the kingdoms of Thjollod and Xornsnous put aside their differences, joining the Flux Pact.

Military Leaders of the Flux Pact and its allies
DrachmonFlux Pact1828
KharashIcyke18151830assassinated on 11 Temporal 1830
Ki'tearFlux Pact18281830assassinated on 11 Temporal 1830
OlugraFlux Pact18301832
11 Temporal 1830 becomes general of the Flux Pact
killed by Ushgergoon in the Cinazan Front
AnutraxFlux Pact1832 Siege of Sapthiladân
UshgergoonNeeth-Theen1828 led Flux Pact until arrival of Drachmon