Cari'phis Tooth

Cari'phis Tooth - Mirtheon
Created26 War March 1535

In the Third Ugradrath War (1531 - 1539), a great battle was fought here between the armies of the Orchish Empire and the Khazarkar Empire. With a Khazarkar army crumbling, an arch-mage used the retributive strike of his mighty staff. Named Cari'phis's Tooth, this staff was no normal staff of the magi. It was an artifact topped with a tooth from the primordial lord Cari'phis. When the staff was broken, it froze the land for many miles in all directions. The expanding ice entombed thousands of soldiers on both sides, even freezing the fires of Berir.

Icy and cold even in the height of summer, the glacial wastes of Cari'phis Tooth is home to icy types like frost giants, remorhaz, yeti, frost salamanders and ice mephits.