Gûn - Hadraniel
RegionLands of Purity

Gûn is the highest peak of the Brucrumus continent. Part of the Ginzarak mountains, it stand 52,400' above the Pearl Sea. It is a volcanic mountain honeycombed with caverns, passages and mining shafts. Some areas date to the God Era when Gûn was used for forging great weapons and armor. Once serving as a major Covenant supply depot, the mountain is dotted with ancient crumbling towers and castles. There are also a fair number of them inside the mountain, lining the passages leading into Lothalorn. Some places have been rebuilt, bastions under the flag of Maharâg. All of these fortified areas, including those that have fallen into ruin, are built of Mechanus Links. From the Mechanus System, these stones carry a negative entropy focus. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), these "Law Blocks" were especially good at defending against demons.

In addition to the Mechanus Links, Gûn is also a favored source for lava stone. Gûn lava stone is unusually hard. Named Gûn Helmet, it is used in fortifications across the Lands of Purity, with Iglutt and Holy Sanctum the most concentrated.

There are many forges on and inside this volcano. Some, built over Mechanus Links very effective at imbuing weapons with the Law special ability.

During the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Katrana captured Gûn and a greater part of the Sylvan Kingdoms. She turned the place into her base of operations. In 1533, with a large army from Elamir and Viressur, the Golden Elite defeated Katrana's army and removed a great curse that she had places on the dwarves of Maharâg.

A product of Creation, Danzar-Khâl re-designed Gûn to feed the forge, its smokes and rumbles, but never erupts.

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