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high drik
StateKhazarkar Empire

The armed forces of the Khazarkar Empire are called the Batthurâk. They are under direct command of the Pharzîmrâth. Soldiers of the Batthurâk wear ornate helms, usually full-visored and shaped like jackal, cobra, or hyena heads. Batthurâk is comprised of these main groups:


Athirbêni is the the Khazarkar Empire's ground army. The large component of this force tens of thousands Terrant grunts. In addition to horses, they have an array of other more heavier mounts like watroaches, high driks, elephants, and reptilian creatures. Some of these exotic creatures come by way of djinni merchants out of Gludragh. The high driks, once native only to Gludragh, are now raised in the Kazrâ desert. Athirbêni also has special units like Sadar-Nizar commandos that begin their lives in Athurrâm, then as slave soldiers are raised and trained in military crèches.

The practice of creating high driks from normal driks was invented by the Khazarkar necromancer Har-Thal. His procedure for doing this was first penned in tome Har-Thal Chariot.

Athirbêni has a number of special weapons divisions, one is tasked with raising Auhtai to serve as Minâth Protectors. The process of breeding them to serve in the military began in 341, only months after an expedition into Tal'tich found dozens of well-preserved Auhtai eggs. A hundred years after the start of the First Khazarkar Empire, Auhtai made up half of the empire's ground stompers. Today, Auhtai are in such small numbers that most only serve as the protectors of important Minâth personages.


Hulbanâth is the oceanic navy of the Khazarkar Empire. It comprises three fleets and 4 divisions of sahuagin which guard the coastal areas bordering northeastern Cinazan. The three fleets of the Hulbanâth navy:

Fleet Locations
Githân Erethor
Rûnê Core Sea, Nautrek

Githân is a navy of the Khazarkar Empire operating in the Erethor Sea. It is headquartered at Bandunazân.


Rûnê is a navy of the Khazarkar Empire operating in the Core Sea and Nautrek. Rûnê is headquartered at Aphalê.


Imrinôn is an elite branch of the Khazarkar military. This crack force is comprised of commandos. Among its ranks are khazarkars, Furrouth, intelligent undead, and other races and creatures with specialized skills. The undead component are created and trained at Tân'ndith.

16th Guardprotection of a general's camp

Admiral Munal heads the Khazarkar Empire’s military branch Milzôr-Munal. They are in charge of the empire’s military skyships and voidships. The Munal’s, and his wife’s family, the Milzôr’s, control these assets. Before they were militarized by the government, Milzôr-Munal was a shipping company. What most Khazarkars find so remarkable about this branch of service, is that instead of being under the control of Minâth families, it is run by two Terrant families.

The largest capital ships of this force are pyramid-shaped vessels called the Pyramids of Set. The core of Milzôr-Munal's assets are docked in the Karêthil canyon (c.f. Khirrêth). Milzôr-Munal owns the shipyard Mullûwâr.


Nazôrdâk is the aerial branch of the Khazarkar military forces. It is comprised of hieraco-sphinx, griffons and other flying beasts. Nazôrdâk employ a few dragons but the cost of maintaining and placating them keeps their numbers low.


The wide open plains of Âruk led to the development of a very powerful Khazarkar cavalry. The hobilers of the Khazarkar Empire wear colors matching the terrain that they operate in. They typically wield black handled scimitars and armed with purple painted short bows. Emblazoned on the back of their cloaks is the image of Set - a coiled purple cobra with red eyes. They disdain the use of heavy and slow beasts, instead using fast moving riding horses.


The Yannôzgîr are the psionic branch of the Khazarkar armed forces. The most dangerous units of branch are the psurlons.

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