Soldier of Surticon
RegionGrashakh, Hells Womb, Drarthiel
Fire Giant5%
Fire Troll2%
Alignmentlawful neutral, lawful evil
DeitiesPrimus, Surtur
EnemiesIrdtrax, Orchish Empire, Yastorogg
Established24 Temporal 1517

The volcanic lands of Agulbandal have long been home to fire giants and other fiery dwellers. At the heart of this blasted landscape is a colossal fire titan city. This enormous city is called Alreirsoar. The fire giant clans were united in 1517 by a high priest of Surtur named Glebvog. In the name of Surtur, he formed the empire Surticon. The Surticon have ruled the northern reaches of Hells Womb for four centuries. Their conflicts with their hostile neighbors have generally kept the giants from making deep incursions into Hells Womb.

They allow travel through Sorrow Pass because its brings merchants to their holdings. They have guaranteed safe travel through the pass since the founding of Alreirsoar. The reason for this mercantile interest is the fire giant civilization which goes back to the Horgon Era. The giants of Surticon are descendants of the Titan Empire Talothand (212 HE - 780 HE). This empire of the Horgon Era remained in power for a long time, achieving a level of civilization that made them a commercial and feared military power of Hiznaar Goz.

The Surticon have fought many battles with the Orchish Empire. The orcs sometimes make expeditions into Surticon territory. This could be for seeking hidden routes into Hells Womb, looking for mines or to train their troops.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), many Surticon mercenaries joined up with the unholy armies of the Black Tide. They stayed with them as long as the goings were good. When the Black Tide got bogged down, deep in the Land of Purity, they returned home with so much loot that inflation ran wild for nine years.

In 1546, Glebvog rallied his forces, striking the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. He joined the Artery War (1546 - 1554), with Surticon forming a military alliance with Paradomea and the Council of Bile. Surticon likes to claim they tipped the scales in this war, driving the Black Tide from Hells Womb.

The Surticon have a number of territorial disputes with Underdark states. Their two largest adversaries of Ufthag are Yastorogg and Irdtrax.

Surticon is the largest supplier of naanabrak. This anti-magic stone is mined in the cores of two great volcanoes called the Daughters of Surtur. Agulbandal is rich in mines with the entirety claimed by Surticon.

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