Dark Timber Migration

RegionTribe Steppes
Period1795 - current

In 1795, a band of druids, rangers, and Nature Protectorates explored the northern reaches of Maegorion and into Singarban. Their survey of the area led to the what is now called the Dark Timber Migration. The survey found that the dark nature was spreading north. With this corruption came dark treants, befouled fey, will-o-wisps, and other evil creatures and deadly vegetation creeping north from Maegorion into Singarban.

Eclipse learned from an Angrod seer that in several generations the dark tendrils of Maegorion will meet with the tendrils of Taurquion. Aredhel says it is too early to determine what will come to pass, but if The Balance has its way, the Taurquion must give ground.

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