Vigath-Mazgob Canal

PortDistance toPort
Ghatúb65 milesMazgob
South to North Ports of Call
Built3 War March 1751

In the Core Offensive, the Orchish Empire built an upland canal from lake Virgath to the Mazgob swamp. Workers then expanded upon the swamp's natural channels, dredging them out until ships could pass to the headwaters of the Irudrarg river and beyond to the Core Sea.

At the canal's southernmost point is the city Ghatúb. During the Core Offensive, the city's canal side became a busy port. To many onlookers, the growing number of ships filling the area, vessels more suitable for large seas, was confounding. Dockyard workers spoke of foreigners, skilled shipwrights, coming in from faraway places like Paradomea City, and those nearer like Blackjammer, and other cities of Brucrumus's long coastline. Eventually the masses figured out what the High Command was up to. The Orchish Empire was looking to lay claim to a portion of the Core Sea, expand commerce beyond land routes, and threaten their northern neighbors, particularly the Khazarkar Empire, with both land and sea invasions.

The canal is very wide in parts. These areas are the result of sabotage by the Quellestir's Forstneblin. In their war with the Orchish Empire, the gnomes collapsed the canals, draining them into tunnels and then into the deeps of the Underdark. After the war, the Orchish Empire gave up claims to a corridor of land running through Quellestir and signed a treaty forbidding sabotage of the Vigath-Mazgob Canal except when it is used as a means of war against the people of Quellestir.

Work on the canal did not start until two years into the Core Offensive. It is reasoned that the High Command delayed the construction effort to see if the Kharkar Empire would take the side of Quellestir. Once the Fograth established a grip on this area, digging commenced.