Ink Hold The Black Hold

LocationDeaths Kindle
AliasThe Black Hold
RulerQueen Lenassu Dras'ee

On the moon Deaths Kindle is a cold, dark, and near air-less citadel called Ink Hold. This place radiates powerful necrotic energy from its walls and towers. It is an enormous place where tireless undead have for thousands of years been adding to it. Ink Hold rivals the size of a large city on the world Bal-Kriav. The sheer size of the place leaves vast parts of it unoccupied. For a long time, nobody knew why the Ink Hold was built. The Lith-Crillion were aware of the place, but could not find a way to reach the moon and its black heart.

The Black Hold was built to hold excess soul energy that Maen Grirngrim and his minions stole from those they killed. This energy was then combined with evil energies resulting in necrotic energy. As this happened over several thousand years, this citadel of death accumulated an incredibly large store of fell energies.

- Bahamut, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Black Hold"

The knowledge to reach the Ink Hold is found in a number of necromantic texts. These texts speak of teleportation runes that open a two-way transit that lasts several days. It is an expensive and very hazardous undertaking to create this gateway to Ink Hold. Some have done it, and come out with a deeper understanding of necromancy and sometimes powerful ingredients for use in crafting dark weaponry and gear.

Ink Hold is sited in the vacuum of Deaths Kindle. It has a few pockets of air. These areas were created by air motes brought here long ago by a holy band of adventurers. The inhospitable conditions of the fortress are suited for the many undead that dwell here. Many of the residents of this place serve Queen Dras'ee. In 1519 she was imprisoned in Ink Hold for trying to overthrow the Khazarkar Empire's theocracy government. Her sentence lasted three centuries, ending on 1 Temporal 1819. When her sentence ended, she was free to leave Ink Hold. She opted to stay in this place where she plots the return of Khazarkar rule by the Malbazân.

The captain of the guard for Ink Hold is an undead Minâth Protector named Crick.

In the dark and shadowy halls of Ink Hold, at the lowest level of a fortress built like an inverted ziggurat, is a lone, rough, pitted tower. It's chipped and battered by arcs of negative energy curving over the ziggurat like a shield. The presence of this energy supercharges a garrison of undead numbering in the tens of thousands. They have no real enemy anymore; the Queen of Ink Hold, their mistress, conquered her rivals long ago. Ink Hold is an ancient place, built in the Dawn Era by those serving Maen Grirngrim. This primordial was sent to what was then called Orb 396. His job: to recruit soldiers for the primordial war machine. This was slow going, so he looked for other means of recruitment. This led to experiments with negative energy and the creation of the first undead, making him the Father of Necromancy. His continued use of this fell energy made him more evil than chaotic. It was because of this energy change that he abandoned the cause of the primordials, no longer interested in helping them, only in helping himself. After he was put down by the archangels of the Golden Seven, Ink Hold's undead were left to wander aimlessly about. The more intelligent ones turned to rallying these forces, while others, now orderless, continued with the tasks that their deceased master had set them on. One of the starkest examples of this is the Bone Brine stream. It's not a real stream, but undead "refilling" a fountain.

- from the Godspawn Saga