Hakân is a wasteland of northern Gathrot. It is a product of the fallout from the volcano Groarnfer. Hakân has slowly expanded north from the eruptions of Groarnfer. Most of the lava and emissions from this volcanic area are diverted to the more northern volcano Gruggvein. The movement of the subsurface lava channel to the north was not a natural occurrence. It was done by an army of enslaved magmin. These fiery denizens of Chaos were brought to this realm by Dax Jagg with the intention of keeping Satheon bay from disappearing.

Ever since the formation of the island, Satheon has slowly been disappearing as it fills in from the south by the lava flows of Groarnfer. Relics found in the undersea ruins of Satheon gave me the opportunity to change the course of this island's development, and in-time I will change this entire world.

The brunt of the work shall be done with an army of magmin. I brought these runts to this realm from a hellish place of Chaos, some unrecorded fiery realm where these magmin seem to number in the millions. Of the relics found in the deeps of Satheon was a Durkoth tome on conjuration. I was to learn that its magical writings were incomplete, because even though I could summon them here and maintain control, I could not send them back when I was done with them. As they say, boredom draws the eye of Asmodeus, for these untasked magmin got into all sorts of trouble, causing mayhem wherever they went, setting fires, and ceaselessly up to mischievous ends. Thus I came up with the Gruggvein Plan, which will put the magmin to work expanding the landmass of Gathrot by way of Gruggvein.

- Dax, writing from the "Groarnfer Plan"

After Dax's magmin army were done with diverting the main lava channels and pressure tubes to Gruggvein, he had them divert the lava flows of this volcano so that nothing went to waste by filling in deep areas of the sea, instead having them follow undersea ridges. As a result of the magmin's work and guidance from dao engineers, the wastes of Girzinnuk have expanded in a predetermined direction towards the island Izrunê.

There are few living things above insects in Hakân, it is largely the abode of undead, including a sizeable population of undead magmin, and some magical monsters. The undead magmin are the outcome of those who displease the Black Tide.

Hakân and Groarnfer are mined by the Black Tide. These mining areas are heavily fortified and well-guarded against the foes roaming the wasteland. The undead magmin of Hakân are the result of those that fail or displease their dao bosses or Dax Jagg.

Notable Areas
  • Groarnfer