Troll Bogs

Climatetemperate to sub-tropical

Troll Bogs is a region sited in Brucrumus's southeastern corner. Neighboring regions are to the east, the Lands of Purity, to the north the region Clans and northeast the Northern Hordelands. On the opposite site, the Troll Bogs looks out upon the sea waters of the Pearl or the great waves of the Mephigax.

Most of the Troll Bogs region is covered in wetlands; of many varieties, deep ponds and lakes surrounded by fens, long stretches of marshes interconnected with thousands of tributaries - some a veritable maze for those without flying abilities.

The wetland state of the region is not a product of Creation, but of war. In the Creation War, the primordial Sarseg created a rift in the Web of Magic. This opened a inter-system bridge between the worlds Throndar and Bal-Kriav. Water poured through this rift filling the basin that would become lake Radullu. This lake, high atop a plateau has hundreds of cascades, all of it flowing southward. Over thousands of years, the overall flatness of the land in this direction, Ara'phis and Chen'gom, resulted in a vast wetland region.

In the Creation War, the threat of primordial attacks by way of the Radullu Rift resulted in the building of fortifications along what Benevolence cartographers had given the Supernal word Nôchulûn. It was then classified as a bay, flowing freely west into the salt-laced waves of the Mephigax. By the Horgon Era, clogged from the environmental problems brought on by the rift and its Radullu Creep, the bay had become a great inland sea. In the First Epoch, Tragarans of the Lands of Purity gave it the name Bog Sea. By this time, two thousand years had passed since the bay had been largely sealed off from the Mephigax. Sediment and vegetation divided the sea, leaving the west a mix of fresh water merging with sea water, and to the east, on the other side of Belnêth, an inland freshwater sea. After this, the otherworldly waters pushed south from Belnêth turning lower Chen'gom into a wetland.

In spring and summer, many of the waterways of the region become clogged with massive colonies of shambog. This leads to flooding and the creation of more swamps that last into fall.


Creatures traveling through the wetlands have an equal chance of perishing from monsters like trolls, will-o-wisps, Graagvrii and Viidostor as to sicknesses like dysentery, malaria, and other virulent diseases. Those traveling by the Bog Sea are likely to encounter the wondrous coral cities of Nordern or war canoes, galley, and ships packed with Nemegral raiders.

In the Demon Spawn War, the region was a battlefield for the forces of Semuanya and those under the demon lord Sess'innek. The ruins of those conflicts are scattered all over the place. Most of these old forts and castles are sited in the water. Some built that way because of their large numbers of semi-aquatic soldiers like Graagvrii and trolls, and later scrags, while others swamped by the Radullu Creep.

A lost city of the Lith-Crillion is said to exist in the heart of this dismal place, whether it is submerged or buried in some deep jungle has yet to be determined. In the southern reaches, deep in Sinarag, is the Pyramid of Alchemy. The area surrounding this pyramid unusually warm, rainy, and swarming with insects and natural predators of colossal proportions. Locals claim the pyramid is the cause of the unusual tropical heat, raging insects, and frequent tropical storms.

The underside of this region is Slilp-Urp.

Cities of the Bog
City 4FoundedElevation
Dafrlami1642 LE30'
Fathom Two6520'