ClassGiff Platform, unique
Commissioned11 War March 1426
OwnerGiff League

In 1799, the leaders of Crimson Eye undertook an expedition into the ruined headquarters of the Sanguine Whispers. One of the items of loot from this place was a voidship built by the Giff League. This vessel was the Juggernaut, a giff platform, abandoned when Outpost Prime fell to the Har'kish Empire.

The Juggernaut remained in Crimson Eye's arsenal for several years. Considered an illegal salvage, the Giff League reclaimed their property at the Battle of the Eternal Town. In this battle, forces of the Giff League and the Deep Six surprised Crimson Eye while they were battling an Toomrur Hegemony army.

The Juggernaut is 70' high at the stern tower, 60' high at mid and aft decks, and 40' high at mid tower. Ceiling heights for passages are 15'. The doors in the craft are solid black reinforced iron, double bolted, and have inset locks. The walls are 4' thick. The bottom deck is 8' thick, others decks are 3' thick. The Crow's nests has 1' thick deck. Most of the vessel is constructed of solid granite. The ship has four massive legs, which are used for landing on any hard surface. They are 20' in diameter and shaped like hippopotamus legs. The pump helm of the craft requires a special key to activate the combustion chamber.

Hit Points3,200
AC24 (+15 natural, -4 size, +3 from Class II hull)
Size270' long
Enginepump engine
Speed28 knots
Crew40-60 giff
Cost1,000,000 GP