First Orchish Civil War

Period1662 - 1666
BelligerentsOrchish Empire

The First Orchish Civil War came after the defeat of the Orchish Empire in the Third Sorrow Pass War. The Fograth viewed the defeat as a stain on their battle prowess.

Monty the Mad, then supreme general of the empire's armies, blamed the Southern Military District for the loss. He said that the south had gotten to cozy with their southern neighbors in Hells Womb, letting in spies, and having to many traitors in their ranks. There was truth in these accusations, though Monty's real reason for instigating conflict was to consolidate the empire under three districts. At the time there were four district commands, the Northern Military District, the Southern Military District, the Eastern Military District and the Western Military District. It is said that Emperor Blac'drugulois gave Monty free reign in this affair, with him considering it a test of his abilities to lead, and what he told him, "If you desire the throne, your going to need to learn how to control the empire."

With the backing of three districts of the High Command, it was decided that the Southern Military District should be broken up and redistributed between the victors. After four years of fighting, the Southern Military District was gone. The Western Military District was renamed to the Central Military District.