Chisel Shinszelmoggit

Chisel makes off with an Entropy Fragment
TitleNature Protectorate of Faeglor, Hornfels Chosen
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Born15 Bloom 1745

Chisel Shinszelmoggit is a member the adventuring group Trauma Squad. In 1795, Chisel, Ararthand, Thanwaen and their attendants explored parts of the Tribe Steppes, recording their findings. Two years later, Chisel and Ararthand co-authored a book of these findings called Dark Leaf. It led to a better understanding of the Dark Timber Migration.

Some fear the dead, others are disgusted at their unnatural existence- survivors look to the wonder of their vile power, truth of being, and strength to vanquish.

We make new enemies with each step in this roofless night and it's glaring moons.

Are these beasts more or less destructive than any other chaos vermin this haphazard band has encountered? It seems the dirt is sour but it's still dirt.

No matter, the conflict is quickly evolving and increasingly centered on our actions. Work must quicken to marshal governing forces to contain and neutralize this region.

- wrote sometime after the raid on Avalê - "Missive to the Glade Summit"

In 1832, Chisel became the first druid of the Underdark to become a Nature Protectorate.

When the relief party came in from outside of Okrungknot, I was given an odd scroll case composed entirely of leaves and reeking of pine sap. It was sealed and unbroken, with the carrier warned that anyone but a druid that opens this will probably die. The scroll read:

You have been selected to be a Nature Protectorate for Faeglor. The Chaos War is getting out of control, and now The Balance is worried. We were already worried, but now that they are we can take a more active role in the conflict. You will come across a gold apparatus. This thing is a gold clockwork. If it is still in there, then the Eldrith Conclave have not figured out its importance. You must keep it alive. It will save tens of thousands of lives. As for Flays Flesh Golem Army, be careful the path you take. You don't want to be on the field in this war - heroes will be short-lived like the ground stompers.

Your friend, Ararthand - Nature Protectorate of Cinazan

- Chisel, excerpt from autobiography - "Journey Into The Light"