RegionIce Cap
Founded4 Saunas 1722

In 1722, a twelve ship pirate fleet, called Blackjammer's Marauders, was drawn into a Warp Whirl. The ships were transported from the tropical waters of the Buccaneer Archipelago to the chilling southern coasts of Nautrek. They were faced with an unsettled land with no shipping to prey upon. The pirate fleet sailed the coasts, but found no towns to raid, or ships to pirate. In time, their ships required repairs and the sailors needed sustenance, so they established a base north of the Iberaks.

Over the years, the base grew in size. Blackjammer's men initially had no females in their group, as their leader forbid any female pirates to serve in the crews. So, they raided the interior, capturing female wood elves. The male wood elves were executed, but seeing the value in the land, and being of the empire building nature, Blackjammer spared the females and turned them over to his men as wives.

By the Year 1800, the former base of Blackjammer's Marauders had grown into a bustling trade port, a place now called Blackjammer.

Rule changed many times in the history of Blackjammer, resulting in bitter civil wars. In the Year 1814, fearing stagnation in growth and trade from these civil wars, the merchant lord Icyke asserted control over the people, founding an empire under his name.

Today Blackjammer has sea trade with the Orchish Empire, Tamlêrran and other peoples along the shores of Nautrek. The motley population of the city is a combination of peoples of the Cinazan and Ice Cap and the descendants of Blackjammer's Marauders.

Blackjammer is a bustling sea port with inland trade to the holds of the Brisingr dwarves. The goods that come through Blackjammer end up in the coastal cities of the Tamlêrran, or those settlements along the Core Sea, or up the river Jhernarth to the goblin city Nemebhox.

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