Azrik Blockade

Period1693 - 1729

The Pact of Behemoths was a military pact between Deep Six, the Giff League, and Ivory Asylum. It had the goal of stopping Ba'lith's open support of pirating. To the people of this minotaur empire, pirating was a trade. The Pact sought to stop the pirates running amok in Salzârrâk's trade lanes. They also viewed the state sponsorship of these activities as a "green light" for the thousands of pirates operating out the Buccaneer Archipelago.

For decades, this Azrik Blockade was brutally effective. Ba'lith's growth and economy were crippled. In the 1700's, seeing their southern neighbor's military build-up, the Torgilm Confederacy (1475 - 1719) put their resources together, purchasing eight skyships from the island empire Engineen. Supringly, the Pact of Behemoths led these ships through. When the Torgilm Confederacy fell in 1719, these still-intact skyships became property of the Ba'lith Emprie. Supplemented by others purchased on the black market, in under a decade Ba'lith had sufficient power to contest a blockade that was beginning to hurt those blockade more than the blockaded.

In 1729, the Pact of Behemoths made peace with the Ba'lith Empire. As part of the deal, Ba'lith agreed to give up their support and protection of pirates.

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