Briar of Mirundân

CategoryRods, Staffs, Wands
Typeepic staff of the hierophants
ForgeMirundân Root

Eclipse enchanted this item at the Mirundân Root forge inside Mirundân. Besides being a very powerful druidic staff of the hierophants, it also has the power to reverse any nature spell currently in effect for an area. This is treated as opposing wills of the staff holder and the caster of the spell. The wielder of the Briar of Mirundân gains a +15 enchantment bonus on the opposed check.

In 1829, the Norderns opened the Mephigax-Bog Channel. This created a navigable link between the Bog Sea and Nielalroch. The Norderns got two of their cities through the channel before it was sealed up. Eclipse had warned the Norderns that their dredging was against nature and that she would undo all their work. On the last day of the same year, Eclipse used the Briar of Mirundân to close the channel.