Arrowowyn War

Engineen Invasion of Wynvild
Period1735 - 1740
Engineen VS Shounejo

This war was brought on by Engineen's desire for more living space, and most importantly more resources.

In the Flying Arrow Campaign (Year 1703) Shounejo seized Wynvild and removed the pirate menace of the island. Engineen's military viewed the Shou's proximity as a threat to security. For decades, the military urged the leaders to do something about the Shou. The democratic government of Engineen refused to back the Akhathl'dî plans of aggression. In 1734, Engieen's democratic government was overthrown and replaced by a militocracy.

A year later, Engineen declared war on Shounejo. The war was fought in the seas around Angvild and Wynvild. Initially, the sea battles were won by Shounejo's formidable navy. This changed in the second year of the war when Akhathl'dî deployed towering golems. These were supported by a wide array of sky and voidships. For the next three years, most of the war's battles were fought across Wynvild. In 1740, Engineen took the island as territory and signed the Peace of Arrowowyn a year later.