RegionNorthern Hordelands
RaceBlack Dragon (Dracolich)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born17 Bliss 922
Undead29 Hollow 1501

The black dragon Slag was born in Idrongrun, a dismal insect-infested swamp of Grashakh. He gained his first hoard when as a young dragon he took on an adult blue dragon and killed it. Today, he lairs somewhere in Irtharmorn, near the Primordial Storm.

Slag has terrorized MidrĂȘth for almost a thousand years. In 1483, the Har'kish military employed Slag in an attack on Outpost Prime.

During his reign of destruction across many regions of Brucrumus, Slag was approached more than a dozen times by the dragon cultists of Vith Alok. They offered him an eternal existence of raining fire and death, the transformation from living dragon to dracolich. Preferring mortality over the many tales of misery with becoming an undead, they were rebuked, or eaten.

By the Year 1501, Slag had reached the limits of a dragon's life-span. In the Northern Hordelands, he sought out the Vulon Viing, the local chapter of the Vith Alok. In the bowels of Phanaca, a vampire named Azalea transformed Slag into a dracolich.