RegionNorthern Hordelands
RaceBlack Dragon (Dracolich)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born17 Bliss 922
Undead29 Hollow Year 1501

The black dragon Slag was born in Idrongrun, a dismal insect-infested swamp of Grashakh. He gained his first hoard when as a young dragon he took on an adult blue dragon and killed it. Today, he lairs somewhere in Irtharmorn, near the Primordial Storm.

Slag has terrorized MidrĂȘth for almost a thousand years. In 1483, the Har'kish military employed Slag in an attack on Outpost Prime.

During his reign of destruction across many regions of Brucrumus, Slag was approached more than a dozen times by Vith Alok dragon cultists. Their offering was the transformation to a dracolich. He turned away these offers, preferring mortality over undeath.

By the Year 1501, Slag had reached the limits of dragon life-span. Now residing in the Northern Hordelands, he sought out the Vulon Viing. Somewhere in the desolation of Nuulwrath, the vampire Azalea transformed Slag into a dracolich.