FormedYear 1512

Barbagan is the government of the Nemegral city-state. As a tributary state, it answers to the Ningizzida empire.

Barbagan has a tribal council with leaders representing their respective tribe. For important matters affecting their people, the chieftains will often vote along ethnic lines. The largest racial groups represented in the government are trolls, yuan-ti, and leaders of the many Viidostor tribes. The council is limited to 15 leaders, so to get in one must take down a current member. These cut-throat politics lead to frequent mini-wars between tribes, assassinations, and killings. In 1678, Ningizzida tried to stamp out this practice of fighting to get a place on the council. This resulted in a rebellion that lasted six months. Ningizzida's government caved, allowing Nemegral to keep her century old tradition of battle before taking a place among the Barbagan chieftains.