CategoryRuins (Chaos Ruin)
Founded11 War March 1520

Sakarumân is southeast of Salbâth and northwest of Armânuk. It lies within the fertile basin of Sahânzar. Sakarumân was founded by the Khazarkar Empire as a means to control commerce flowing along the Avalninâth. The Armânuk hills provided the largest source of silver for the Khazarkar Empire and the river was used to move this metal and other materials to the eastern cities.

On 22 Witchrite 1830, this Khazarkar city was destroyed by the Horde of Chaos (c.f. Cinazan Front). Like other cities that fell to the Horde, Sakarumân suffered the fate of being warped by chaotic energies, becoming a chaos ruin. The buildings and walls became distorted and misshapen and crumbled when no longer structurally sound. Those slain in the city have their souls trapped in the area, haunting the ruins for all eternity. It is estimated that 30,000 creatures died in the siege.

Sakarumân is inhabited by fell taints and other aberrant creatures. The most dangerous of the aberrants are star spawns.

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