RegionNorthern Hordlands
Class24th necromancer / 10th lifedrinker
RaceTheegan (Vampire)
TitleVith Alok Regional Leader
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born28 Artifice 1411
Undead19 Saunas 1468

Azaela is a regional leader for the Vith Alok cell Vulon Viing, or Night Wing. Drog'paagol assigned her the mission of forming a formidable cell in the barbaric lands of the Northern Hordelands. When not combating the influence of the Witch Horde and the Divine Empire, she sends minions forth to contact dragons and offer them the prospect of becoming a dracolich.

Azaela is a quick-witted, sly, and charming vampire. She is a stunning attractive woman and can converse on a wide range of topics. At Phanaca, Azalea keeps a well-stocked harem of comely males for both blood-sucking and erotic enjoyment. She has a particular affinity for kriavian elves. Guarding this harem are vampire spawns and enhanced owlbears. They owlbears are armored and possess an array of nasty grafts.

Her base of operations is sited at the heart of the scarred and smoking wastes of Nuulwrath. In this foreboding place are numerous labyrinths, a minotaur maze covering four square miles, and a massive torture and prisoner complex called the Cells of Ten Thousand Shackles. For many years, she kept Prince Kelthin of Rúmil locked in one of these cells. She would frequently visit him on her nocturnal forays, appearing from gaseous form, donned in a transparent gown, wearing ruby and emerald studded garters and other jewelry befitting a princess. It is a wonder such a ravishing site even required the use of her charming powers on the prince. Nonetheless, she had her way with the kriavian elf prince, both sexually and for feeding. After several months of such treatment, Prince Kelthin's will was broken. He was turned into a elven vampire and now serves as the master ranger and trainer for Azalea's elven vampire archer squads.

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