RegionNorthern Hordlands
Class24th necromancer / 10th lifedrinker
RaceTheegan (Vampire)
TitleMaster of Vulon Viing
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born28 Artifice 1411
Undead19 Saunas 1468

Azaela is the leader of the Vulon Viing, a dragon cult cell to the Vith Alok. In 1494, Vith Alok's Dragon Headmaster, the lich Drog'paagol, tasked her with improving the operations and morale of those serving at Phanaca.

When not combating the machinations of the Witch Horde and the Divine Empire, Azaela sends minions forth to contact dragons and offer them the prospect of becoming a dracolich.

Azaela has been described as quick-witted, sly, and charming. Beyond her exotic beauty, she can converse on a wide range of topics in seven languages. At her palace inside Phanaca, she keeps a well-stocked harem of comely males for both vampire needs and erotic enjoyment. She has a particular affinity for the Kriavfahliil. Guarding her harem are vampire spawn eunuchs, all skilled monks.

For many years, she kept Prince Kelthin of Rúmil locked in the Cells of Ten Thousand Shackles. She would frequently visit him on her nocturnal forays. Travelling in gaseous form, she entered his cell and others in a transparent gown, ruby and emerald studded garters and jewelry befitting a princess. Like so many before, Kelthin's will was broken, seduced into becoming a vampire.

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